Led by Rabbi Goldsmith, Founder and Head of Chaburas Ma Ahavti

Rabbi Goldsmith, founder of Chaburas Ma Ahavti, Yeshivas Toras Moshe under Rabbi Moshe Meiselman (Rosh Yeshiva). He had an especially close kesher with his Rebbe Rabbi Moshe Twersky זצק”ל from whom he received a derech halimud, afterwards learning in other Kollelim in Eretz Yisrael as well.

Rabbi Goldsmith has had experience over his past few years of Kollel back in America presenting and coordinating shiurim of various levels. This past Elul, he decided to bring his passion of harbatzas hatorah to a reality through founding Chaburas Ma Ahavti Torasecha, enabling him to express his love of learning and teaching Torah with Klall Yisrael

How we learn?

Sugyos, goes through topics in Shas, going through the Gemaras, Shulchan Aruch, and then review. The goal is to make a real kinyan in the topic,  getting a broad הקיף of the topic, the lamdus and halacha lemaaseh with a proper chazara. In general 4-8 weeks are spent per topic.

It’s possible to fully follow the program either via email and or the website.

Whether one has 20-30 minutes a day to learn, or as much as two to three hours, this is a great forum to create a מחייב, pilpul chaveirim, and hadracha from someone who has already gone through the sugya in depth.

The following learning tools are provided.
  • Copy of the Gemara and Shulchan Aruch being learned, sent to one’s inbox daily.
  • One to two week’s worth of material sent out at a time as well, enabling one to print out the material and to have a hard copy.
  • Daily מראי מקומות.
  • Thought provoking questions (posted on the site and sent to one’s email box via an email notification) to think about during one’s day.
  • Online forum for group discussions.
  • Daily recorded shiur to assist with going through the material.
  • Rosh Chaburah leading the group and available to answer questions.
  • End of the week written sikum to assist with chazarah.
  • Possibility to arrange chavrusa via skype/phone.
  • Monthly/Bimonthly live chaburas, accessible online orover the phone, enabling the group to connect and discuss the sugya together.


Due to the current matzav, the learning will be put on hold for the summer zman of תשפ. The archives of previous limudim, is now open to the public. CLICK HERE TO VIEW


More questions? Feel free to reach out to us today at chaburasmaahavti@gmail.com!

What People Say

Dovid Ginsparg, from Cleveland, OH

As a nurse working long hours on overnight shifts it’s been hard for me to have a regular chevrusa or a regular seder. Rabbi Goldsmith’s shiurim are the solution to maintain momentum in my learning. They are delivered in manageable doses, each one a satisfying iuyn that stands on it’s own. The program has given me sipuk and cheishek for more learning. I look forward to each new week of learning.

L.G. , from Columbus, OH

Thank you for your online shiurim!  I don’t have a yeshiva background and I don’t have much extra time to go to many shiurim beyond what I am doing already which includes an early morning daf yomi shiur and a few others at my shul and the local kollel.  With this said, it is especially nice to be part of  your learning program. It is an understandable shiur that is not too basic nor too difficult, and that I can fit in and follow on my own time schedule.   I’m learning new things and appreciate the work you are putting into it. Keep up the good work! 

Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Leibowitz, From Lakewood, NJ

Hi my name is Avrohom Moshe Leibowitz,I joined חבורת מה אהבתי after  סוכות 2019 and we covered the entire סוגיות חנוכה גמרא רשי תוס רשאונים אחרוניםthe מראה מקומות were amazing.the Rosh Chabura is one of a kind and the flexibility schedule makes it very easy to shteig .May the chabura keep growing and growing.

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