Summary Day Eight

  • The word חסיד (pious) and בושה are interrelated. The word חסידה is translated into Aramaic, to a word meaning white. And the word חרפה (disgrace) is translated into Aramaic to חסודא.
  • This is because a חסיד is someone who is committed to the מצות, even when people embarrass him for keeping them.
  • בושה enables one to attain נבואה (prophesy).
  • בושה brings a person to יראת שמים (fear of Heaven)
  • One should be very careful not to bring others to the feeling of בושה.
  • בושה is the “dust” of murder.
  • One should even give up their life not to embarrass another, as we learn from the story of יהודה and תמר.
  • Even when giving תוכחה (rebuke), one should be careful not to embarrass the person.

Summary Day Nine

  • Jerusalem was destroyed because of the story of קמצא  and בר קמצא, where בר קמצא was embarrassed in public.
  • Also when learning Torah with others, one should be careful not to cause others to feel uncomfortable if they make a mistake.
  • One should be careful not to call their friend by a nickname that they don’t like
  • One shouldn’t tell others they were offered someone’s daughter as a wife, but turned down the offer.
  • Overall, one should be careful not to make one’s friend feel uncomfortable from one’s speech.

Summary Day Ten

  • A person should be quiet when being disgraced.
  • Hashem will reward them for allowing their face to change colors from embarrasement, by brightening their face in the future more than the light of the sun.
  • From בושה a person will attain ענוה.
  • From בושה a person will attain צניעות.
  • בושה is a sign of one being a Jew.
  • How much בושה a person has, is revealed when they get upset.
  • A person should have a feeling of בושה with whoever they are around.
  • We find that שאול המלך (King Saul) was chosen as king, due to his possessing the מדה of בושה.


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